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Core Focus PT is a top-notch physical therapy clinic where the staff respects patient´s concerns and tailors individual treatments with the understanding and awareness that heals the body and also restores the patient´s confidence in their bodies abilities.

Best Physical Therapists in New York CityBest Physical Therapists in New York City




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Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7:30am – 7:30pm
Tuesday and Thursday 7:30am – 8:00pm

424 Madison Avenue (between 48th & 49th Street)
suite 602
New York, NY 10017



Lowell Boyers
Luísa Righeto
Ethan Lewis Casey III
Maria Jennifer Monreal
Boulat Moukhametov
Angelica Loaiza
Olga Olfir
Lowell Boyers

Lowell Boyers



Lowell Boyers is deeply committed to the practice of training both the body and also the mind as a vehicle for continuously progressive strength gains and for metaphorically moving mountains. Lowell deeply values the combination of maintaining a deep faith in the benefits of the BuddhaDharma and of Fine Art while also nurturing his clients as a strength and conditioning guide and healer. Offering Fascial Manipulation®, which is effective in treating the most common conditions therapists are working on in a daily basis and is backed by substantial scientific research. Healing Back Pain, Knee pain, Neck pain, almost any musculoskeletal stiffness, pain, or arthritic like symptoms.

 This integration of services helps the body maximize the session’s benefits — and — it also feels really great. Lowell also specializes in Super Slow Weight Training.
By appointment Monday through Saturday.
Luísa Righeto

Luísa Righeto



Luísa Righeto is a Pilates instructor certified by Balanced Pilates; a dancer at Infinity Dance Theater – a dance company committed to expanding the boundaries of dance by featuring dancers with and without disabilities; and she is a guest dance instructor graduated by the Martha Graham School. It’s been 5 years since she landed in NYC. She has danced with Coyote Dancer Company and Alison Cook Beatty Dance Company during the past years; and participated of the House of the Roses project that takes dance to organizations that host children in vulnerable situation. Luisa holds a Teaching License and a Bachelor’s degree in Dance from University Anhembi Morumbi (2012, SP-Brazil), and on 2018, she received the Award “Notable USA 2017” from the Brazilian Community Heritage Foundation in NYC.
I’m a movement lover and I love to take care of the quality of the movement in other people. Besides continue dancing professionally, one of my future goals is to study more about body therapy and physical therapy.
Ethan Lewis Casey III

Ethan Lewis Casey III



Ethan is a unique movement specialist with a background in advanced yoga and pilates. He believes it is easy to let stress, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and past injuries constrict the body, thus causing discomfort, tension, and inbalances. Ethan uses a plethora of techniques to help others become stronger and more limber so they will feel physically and mentally balanced and centered.
Maria Jennifer Monreal

Maria Jennifer Monreal



Jennifer received a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy at the University of Cincinnati in 2001. Prior to her Master’s Jennifer received a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics/Nutrition.
Jennifer has received training in Maitland manual techniques as well as Travell and Simons Trigger point and myofascial release techniques.
Jennifer grew up in La Rioja, Spain. While living in Spain, she became an extraordinary athlete, excelling in Tennis (up to national level) as well as Skiing, Snowboarding and a Ballet dancer.
Jennifer believes that “to prevent is better than to fix”. To this end she takes an active interest in evaluating work areas and body mechanics during exercise to determine what improvements can be made that would help prevent injuries in the future.
Jennifer has lived in the U.S for over 12 years, and is bilingual in Spanish and English. She loves to travel and hopes to see most of the world in her lifetime.
Boulat Moukhametov

Boulat Moukhametov



Boulat was born in a small village in The Ural Mountains in Russia Republic of Bashkortostan. His father was a dancer and Boulat followed the same passion. By age 10 he attended a ballet school and by age 17 he became a classical dancer classical in the Academic Folk Dance Company. He travelled the world with the company for the next 5 years.
He then joined the navy and was a representative for the Baltic Navy forces for another 5 years.
Following the navy, he trained in his new passion: acrobats and Aerial Flying. He used these skills in the cruise line industry performing specialty acrobat shows for the next 16 years in several well known cruise lines like: Silver Sea, Norwegian Cruise, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean.
He now shares all these exciting experiences with his clients in NYC, where he also got certified in both Mat and Apparatus Pilates.
Boulat loves motivating people to live a healthy life and teaches fitness via Pilates.
Angelica Loaiza

Angelica Loaiza



Olga Olfir

Olga Olfir

PT Aid


Olga was born and raised in Ukraine. She received her B.S. in the Medical Field in 1988 and later worked as a doctor assistant and massage therapist on a cruise ship under Switzerland management. Olga migrated to the U.S. in 1996 and gave birth to her son Brandon who is currently working towards a B.S. in Fraud Examination in Financial Forensics. She worked in a medical field here for many years and decided to earn another medical degree. This was accomplished in 2005 when she graduated from SUNY Downstate Medical School and earned her B.S. in Medical Imaging. In 2007, Olga gave birth to her daughter Victoria and dedicated her time, effort and life to her kids while her husband earned his B.S. in Management.
Olga studied human body anatomy and knows a lot about the muscle and bone structure. That knowledge has helped to master her massage skills and earn a massage therapy certificate. Currently, Olga is working towards her RN license. Her family likes to travel and they have visited many different places.

We cover all your needs

Our physical therapy services treat all orthopedic / musculoskeletal conditions including those with neurological symptoms. We treat all post-surgical and traumatic cases as well as sport related injuries and repetitive strain injuries.


The staff is very friendly and welcoming. However Jennifer’s level of dedication is unsurpassed. The newest addition to the team, Georgiana is equally dedicated. They both worked miracles on me. During my treatment they went above and beyond their responsibilities by showing me ways to improve my posture (was going thereafter foot/toe surgery) and so much more. It has been refreshing and empowering to have them as physical therapists!

– a very satisfied patient

Many thanks to CORE FOCUS and Jennifer for getting me back on my feet after a break to the 5th metatarsal.

– Suzanne Hardy

My experience with CORE FOCUS PHYSICAL THERAPY was nothing short of excellent. Each member of the staff was courteous, respectful and wonderful to be around. At all times I was made to feel at ease and comfortable. My shoulder injury has healed very well and I am able to play softball this summer. I would recommend CORE FOCUS to anyone in need of therapy.

– Arthur C.

Professional workers, excellent environment, and…. I feel LIKE NEW!

– Fredy

The staff at CORE FOCUS exudes positive energy and continuous support to their patients which creates an encouraging and friendly healing environment. This top-notch physical therapy staff respects patient’s concerns and tailors individual treatments with the understanding and awareness that heals the body and also restores the patient’s confidence in their bodies’ abilities.

– Jennifer F.

Their top-notch professional care includes the latest techniques. This allowed me to have a full recovery in a short period of time. Their staff is the friendliest I have seen around, with deep knowledge and understanding of their field.

– Martin Bameule

PT’s at CORE FOCUS know how to fix what hurts. Through a combination of electronics, massage and exercises I was able to feel relief from the very first visit. Style variation between PT’s is minimal but just as effective. I was extremely satisfied with the treatment and have recommended them to my colleagues.

– Kilmar Rivaski

Jen took charge of my recovery and wasted no time. With a firm will, strong hands and a no nonsense approach, in five visits, Jen had my arm moving more than it had in the previous three months. Five more visits and I was seriously on the road to recovery. With hard work and dedication, on my part as well as hers, I’m 100%! Jen and CORE FOCUS PT gave me a PRICELESS gift, the use of my left arm. Thank you CORE FOCUS.

– Hillary Josefsberg

I could not have run the marathon without you. I came in as one of the most inflexible people in the world, unable to run 15 miles and came out with flexibility good enough to run the marathon. Your advice on stretches, sneakers, and the foam were very helpful. You also managed to heal my ankle injury that I suffered playing basketball a month before the marathon.

– Daniel Galperin

I had pain walking and standing. Over the course of time, CORE FOCUS PT has been an integral part of my improvement in walking/standing with less pain. They are knowledgeable, treat clients with genuine care and are accommodating with scheduling. I highly recommend them.

– {Y.T}

The staff is very friendly and welcoming. However Jennifer’s level of dedication is unsurpassed. The newest addition to the team, Georgiana is equally dedicated. They both worked miracles on me. During my treatment they went above and beyond their responsibilities by showing me ways to improve my posture (was going thereafter foot/toe surgery) and so much more. It has been refreshing and empowering to have them as physical therapists!

– A very satisfied patient

You are not just a patient at CORE FOCUS PT; you are treated as a friend whose condition they personally care about.

– Simcha M. Druck

Going to CORE FOCUS PT for therapy after my knee surgery expedited my recovery while teaching me whole-body awareness, so the injury would not recur. I finally found skilled professionals whose care helped me return to my superdemanding and active life. It doesn’t get better than this! Thank you!!

– Debra Wiley-Hart, Performer & Voice & Acting teacher

What is even more impressive than Jennifer’s knowledge of the human body and rehabilitation techniques is the application of principles used to rectify one’s ailments. It is in Kinesiology where CORE FOCUS PT excels.

– Jared Longhitano

Jennifer is the most talented diagnostician and patient “active listener” I have encountered in my 3+ years of healing.
Jennifer is realistic and gives you genuine goals, challenging your body only when you are ready. Jennifer went directly to my pain and on ‘Day 1’ assumed nothing as she began working on my case from all sides-physical, social, emotional, intellectual.

– Melinda McNeill


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