What should I expect with physical therapy?

As a patient, you become a key player in the team in charge of your recovery. It is imperative that as a patient, you follow instructions and guidelines for everyday activities, as well as commit time and effort towards exercises instructed during the sessions, which need to be done in simple settings such as home or office.

Physical therapy does not cause pain. Furthermore, Physical therapy focuses on decreasing pain in order to improve function with pain-free strengthening exercises. There can always be muscle soreness associated with strengthening weak muscles, and also when following a session in which more aggressive stretching has been required to improve range. Maximizing range of motion is needed prior to effective strengthening.

How do I know which physical therapy clinic I should go to?

Oftentimes, your physician will give you a recommendation or a listing of physical therapists in your area. Sometimes your insurance company will guide you with regard to who is “in network” for your insurance plan.

Ultimately, however, the decision as to where you receive your care is up to you. If you have a specific request, (from a friend or family recommendation) you need to let your physician know. If we are not in network with your insurance company (meaning, we are not listed in their provider list) we may accept your type of insurance plan in an out of network basis.

This means you would not be financially responsible for your therapy services. We will call your insurance company and find out what your benefits are, and then let you know your financial obligations (if any).

How do I arrange an appointment?

If your physician gives you a referral to physical therapy, simply call our office for an appointment. Have your insurance information ready so that we can call to verify your benefits prior to you coming in.

You may also call without a referral, since some insurance carriers do not require a prescription or referral for the first 10 visits.

In the event that you don’t have a doctor but would like to see one, you can still call the office and we will recommend health care providers who are appropriate for your injury or condition.

What kind of paper work or identification is needed on the first visit?

On the first visit, you must bring your insurance card and any paperwork related to the condition such as X-Ray or MRI results you might have received.

We require the injured body part to be as it is on a daily basis, meaning, that you should not remove bandages, or devices such as braces and or crutches/canes for the evaluation.

In the state of New York, physical therapists have Direct Access to patient care. The law, Chapter 298 of the Laws of 2006, allows physical therapists with three years of practical experience to treat patients without a referral beginning November 23, 2006. This means that you can see our therapist without a referral for 10 visits or 30 days from the date of the first treatment.

How much time do appointments usually last?

Plan on at least 1 hr. and up to 1 ½ hrs. duration for your initial visit. After that an ongoing treatment usually will be 45 minutes and up to 1 hour depending on your condition.

Most Doctors recommend 3 times per week, for 4 weeks and at that point will evaluate progress (received from your therapists paper work or a follow up visit). Usually treatment continues depending on severity of the case for 1 to 2 or more months.