Boulat Moukhametov


Boulat was born in a small village in The Ural Mountains in Russia Republic of Bashkortostan. His father was a dancer and Boulat followed the same passion. By age 10 he attended a ballet school and by age 17 he became a classical dancer classical in the Academic Folk Dance Company. He travelled the world with the company for the next 5 years.
He then joined the navy and was a representative for the Baltic Navy forces for another 5 years.
Following the navy, he trained in his new passion: acrobats and Aerial Flying. He used these skills in the cruise line industry performing specialty acrobat shows for the next 16 years in several well known cruise lines like: Silver Sea, Norwegian Cruise, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean.
He now shares all these exciting experiences with his clients in NYC, where he also got certified in both Mat and Apparatus Pilates.
Boulat loves motivating people to live a healthy life and teaches fitness via Pilates.